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Money is your company’s bloodline and self-sustainability

Techsmarties know their business

Here’s the bottom line: Coding/Exploring/Inventing, it’s all in the game. When that crystallizes, you need the right guy to structure your finance. How do I bring my product to the attention of investors/bankers?

I’ve done that most of my professional career. I’m not scared of tough negotiations, I speak bankers-language (the language of money) and want to help motivated start-ups solidify a financial presentation to succeed today and tomorrow.


Who do you think is the God Father’s best friend?

If you’ve asked yourself money questions like…

What finance options best fit my situation?

Crowdfunding/Factoring/Leasing/Banking/VC/Private Lenders, which one(s) is the best option for you? Michel can help you to sort this out for you.

Should I seek a second opinion?

What to do if you are already involved with 3rd financial parties and you feel not confident about how your company is evolving? Ask Michel for a 2nd opinion for free! An NDA will be signed for your convenience.

Are you in control?

Without excellent bookkeeping, cashflow forecasting & monitoring, costs control and following adequate KPIs you can easily lose control of your company. Let TechMoneyMentor help you to structure and execute your goals based on a hardcore financial dataset.

What if I came to Amsterdam/Europe?

You need unbiased advice how to land your (future)business in Amsterdam or anywhere in Europe. Financial management first! Get the right structure done with some good help from Michel! BTW he can speak English/French/Spanish and knows some funny words in Dutch:)

Think carefully about these questions. Good answers separate “okay” companies from the great ones.

…then let’s discover a better financial plan together

Let’s identify how to acquire more funds to keep on your project rolling and to offload when the time is right. Finance is not merely about making money. It’s about achieving our deep goals and protecting the fruits of your labor.