My passion is finance and I’ve lived around the world helping companies

I asked my friends and family to describe me and they said

  • The guy you want on your side
  • The listeners
  • The international man who inspired James Bond
  • The quiet guy around the table
  • The French guy that knows that French people are complicated

…and yes, he knows how to shoot a gun.

Even former colleagues had some words to add

“During my years as Managing Director of CirclePrinters Nordic, I did work closely with Michel. On top of his Group CFO role he temporarily acted also as CFO for Swedish and later Finnish operations. Michel did manage operational finance department wery efficiently and proactively. Michel did adapt very well to the Nordic way of working and has proven to be ready for any future challenge in the Nordic countries.”

– Seppo Rantala, Interim Director (Finland)

“Au début de l’année 2011, CirclePrinters France dont j’étais le Directeur Général, est entré en procédure de restructuration de l’ensemble des opérations en France concernant 4 sites industriels et plus de 1500 employés. Michel, en tant que Directeur Financier et représentant de CirclePrinters Europe, en a été un acteur important. Son intense implication, sa compréhension du dossier et de ses enjeux, son soutien positif à l’équipe de direction française et ses qualités de relations avec les différents acteurs du dossier, ont contribué de manière significative au fait que ce processus s’est conclu par la continuation au moins partielle de tous les sites industriels et un accord avec les différentes parties seulement 10 mois plus tard.”

– Jacques Le Morvan, President at JLM Conseils (France)

“From 2008 until the beginning of 2013 I was as one of the main CirclePrinters shareholders. Working with us since 2008, Michel Guichard won our trust and respect managing the company in very stressful situation. He managed amazingly the previous years to strength the company when the European printing industry landscape was devastated by overcapacity and financing access issues. He also had proven he can find inventive solutions to complicated situations while dealing with all financial, tax and legal company complex aspects. So deep respect for what he has done in “our” time. That is why I insist to the recently appointed CirclePrinters CEO to keep Michel Guichard as Group CFO.”

– Kees Lenselink, CL advies BV (Netherlands)

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