Every company is unique but here are common areas I tackle

Funds Raising

How Much Money Should I Raise? How Much Is my Startup Worth? Where to start? How to build my financing business model? Which financing options should I look in priority (banks; V.R.; subsidies )? Advantages /drawbacks to each option? Which capital and loan percentage should I go for? Various V.R. makes an offer: how to select?

Finance: Managing My Start-up

Tackling questions like:

Have the right KPI’s in place? What metrics should be monitored? Have your bookings, monthly recurring revenue, recognized revenue and cash collections monitor? How much cash should my start-up burn? What is the maximum viable churn rate? How should I allocate my start-up’s OpEx between sales and engineering? What should the percentage of revenue be? Should my start-up spend on operating expense? What is the optimal quick ratio for your startup? What is the customer payback period?

Strategy Assessment

Answering the Five Questions You Need To Answer About Your Startup’s Strategy? Which value chain? Value proposition strength in the Value Chain? Sustainable Competitive advantage?


Legal/tax optimization with group international experience.

Do you feel me?